Bif Browning

Vice President Business Development

Bif oversees LR Global’s Washington D.C. office.

He identifies emerging products and services, and develops new markets. 

Bif lived six years in Vieques, Puerto Rico where he worked on environmental and public health improvements. There he gained an appreciation on how to get things done.

Bif’s network of relationships in government agencies is a resource which help clients connect and comply with government regulations.

Over his career Bif has developed interest on water reclamation and purification issues. This lead him to explore alternative uses for landfill material. He understands recycling, and alternative energy sources, eco–tourism, and disaster response.

In 2004, Bif was a delegate to the International Conference on Vieques held in Washington, D.C., and was a panel member on Environment and Health.

He serves as Senior Policy Advisor on Business Development for the Ocean Security Initiative (OSI). A nonprofit organization seeking to further develop and promote the universal concept of ocean security through a series of global conferences.

He is a founding member of the Mississippi Policy Forum, a non-partisan, public policy organization.

Bif is a graduate of the University of Mississippi in Political Science, with a focus on International Relations.


Gloria Murad Coss

Vice President Latin American Markets

Gloria lives in Mexico City where she oversees operations in
Latin America for LR Global.

She opens new markets for clients and develops relationships in the private and public sector.

Gloria worked at the Mexican Embassy in Washington, D.C. as a Congressional Liaison.

She has published articles on the international policy of Mexico’s Partido Accion Nacional (PAN), and on Mexico -US relations.

Gloria was among the top recipients of the Global Entrepreneur Awards, given by the St. Louis University's Entrepreneurship Center.

She received her Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from ITESM–CCM in Mexico City.

Gloria is recipient of, Diplome d'Etudes Universitaires Francaises from the University of Jean Moulin III, Lyon, France.


Joseph Ramirez

Director of Special Projects

Joseph directs special projects from LR Global’s home office in Corpus Christi.

He specializes in assisting local to national political campaigns organize and manage small to large events.

Joseph consultants on media relations. He is a show producer for international radio, television and social media.

For many years Joseph has assisted many non-profit organizations develop fundraising strategies, among them: American G.I. Forum, Future Farmers of America, 4-H, City of Robstown Centennial Committee, Welcome Home Committee for Iraq War Veterans, LULAC, others.

Joseph’s experience includes international public relations, and logistics.

He assists non-profit organizations obtain public and private funding. He contributes to church youth groups, Little League teams and teacher organizations.


Miguel Rendon

Security Expert

Miguel operates out of LR Global’s home office in Corpus Christi.

He is a Security Bureau Class “C” Licensee issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Miguel is a military police veteran, with many years of experience in assessment and security of maritime ports and refineries. He provides security expertise on a range of private and governmental assets.

He is a graduate from Southwest Texas State University in Criminal Justice.


Professional Associates

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