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Howard Butcher IV is an investor and Vice President of Butcher Energy, a privately held energy development company active in wind farm development, solar energy, oil and gas exploration and development.

He also serves as Vice President and Director of Philadelphia Bourse, Inc., a privately owned holding company.  

He was a general partner in Butcher and Singer, an investment banking and brokerage firm headquartered in Pennsylvania prior to its merger with Wheat First Securities of Richmond, VA.

Wheat First Butcher was sold for more than $450 million to Wachovia Securities. His previous position was with Butcher and Company, the holding company which owned venture capital funds, a private bank, which was active in real estate, oil and gas, radio and TV. 

Mr. Butcher has served on private company boards, and on the boards of educational and charitable institutions.

He has been active in the financial services industry for more than fifty years.

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Howard Butcher IV

Senior Advisor

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