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April 25, 2006

“I’ll put it this way, Lencho’s departure is a significant loss of power, influence and prestige for the congressman’s office. Personally I have always felt that Lencho had the same access to the corridors of power as Congressman Ortiz.”

-Ruben Bonilla

Port of  Corpus Christi Chair

Global Strategic Security

In today’s world, governments across the globe are stepping up measures to protect their
citizens and property from attacks.

Governments often look to the private sector to secure their ports, shipping, infrastructure, and to assess other vulnerabilities.

LR Global, partners with innovative businesses and government entities to fulfill the need for global security.


Business Development

LR Global serves as a matchmaker by pairing small business interests
with established forward thinking firms to achieve mutual goals for growth.

We make the connections that open up new markets

for our clients in government and in the private sector. 

As a leading advocate for small business growth, we understand that small businesses are the backbone of

the economy.


Federal Projects

As the cost of doing business rises, and as federal regulations and mandates become more complex, businesses realize that they cannot do it alone.

With LR Global’s superb network of decision makers and diligent guidance, you gain the edge over the competition.

Our experts can place your business with the right government contacts which open doors to orient you in the right direction, so that you stay focused on your business operations.


We provide consulting services to a combination of private and governmental entities to achieve the best results which promotes conventional and nuclear power, renewable alternative sources, and green energy.


Technology Development

We assist private entities with specific aspects
of technology development from licensing, marketing, procurement, distribution, to international law requirements.

We provide expert advise and solutions on U.S. and international policies relating to security, energy, business development, and investment efforts.


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LR Global, LLC

Strategic Solutions Provider

Our mission is to be your gateway to a world of business.