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General Valenzuela served 33 years in the US Army, and on his retirement he was awarded the Army Defense Distinguished Service Medals.

During his military career he served across the globe in three corps,  six divisions, and commanded in the Cold War and Gulf War. 

He has been decorated for Heroism and Valor.

On his returned home to San Antonio, he created an Educational Foundation, and opened a charter school for at risk youth and for families of soldiers killed in combat.

He has a long history of community service to the Boy Scouts of Texas, Boy's and Girl's Club, Tomas Rivera Policy Institute, Eagle Scout Association, Communities in School, Family Services Association, Haven for Hope, St. Mary's University, USAA Federal Savings Bank, Uniformed Services Benefit Association.

Alfred was named among the most influential U.S. Hispanic Americans by Hispanic Business magazine. He is a Distinguished Alumni of SMU, and has been inducted to the Boy's and Girl's Club Hall of Fame.

He wrote and published with his family "No Greater Love: The Lives and Times of Hispanic Soldiers.” All proceeds go to the families of the 21 Soldiers he buried. The book was recently recognized with the 2009 National Military Memoir/Biography Award.

Major General Alfred Valenzuela

Retired 2004

From the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror, Hispanic Americans have made enormous sacrifices to protect our freedoms, and I am grateful for their service. In No Greater Love, General Valenzuela highlights the service and dedication of these brave Americans in our military.

                        -United States Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison - Texas

In this poignant work, Freddie Valenzuela uses his thirty-three years of military service as a canvas on which he paints . . . the moving story of a Hispanic American in service to his nation . . . I commend it to you as a wonderful way to explore the nature of service and the meaning of patriotism.

                                -United States Senator John S. McCain - Arizona

In March 2003, Major General Freddie Valenzuela presided over the funeral of the first casualty of the Iraq War. The young soldier was not yet a citizen of the United States, and General Valenzuela wondered what motivated him and many others like him to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country. No Greater Love answers this question and many more concerning the dedication of our servicemen and women, specifically Hispanic soldiers, in the U.S. military.

No Greater Love: The Lives and Times of Hispanic Soldiers

                                                -Freddie Valenzuela

Charles Cervantes

New Markets Advisor