What We Do

Team Up

We work with small businesses by partnering
them with other businesses to develop skills and

know-how to succeed.

We find qualified small to medium-sized businesses

to team up with others, to meet federal goals, and facilitate the development of these partnerships utilizing Mentor Protégé relationships, team agreements, and sub-contracting.



Government Mandated Goals

We assist large businesses comply with federally mandated goals.

We help by identifying small businesses to work with, which meet federal goals.

Special emphasis is given to women and minority owned businesses, 8(a), HUB Zone certified, and Service Disabled Veteran owned small businesses.

International Licensing

Companies seeking to connect with international markets must meet certain license requirements, and are often required to partner with local businesses.

We help meet license requirements, and identify local certified partnership opportunities.

LR Global, LLC

Strategic Solutions Provider

Our mission is to be your gateway to a world of business.

LR Global’s team of experts and creative problem-solvers analyze every possible opportunity

for growth to maximize market shares.

We specialize on relationship among the public and private sector, in a variety of arrangements, which connect to solutions.


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